5 Facts about Gutters Everyone Thinks Are True

Gutters suck. Or, at least that’s the perception. We’ve all seen houses with broken down gutters, or had to unclog your gutters growing up. Traditional gutters can (and will eventually) fail and clog, forcing you to have to climb up and either fix and unclog them. And who wants to do that? If only there was a better way.

There is, and it’s our gutter system. But we’ve encountered our fair share of skeptics throughout the years. Here are five of the most common questions we have about our gutters:

“We all know seamless gutters, especially ones with guards, don’t work well at all.”

Seamless gutters were originally invented in the 1960’s, and have gone under numerous iterations since then. But our patented one-piece gutter system has brought seamless gutters to a new height. Our gutters can handle water so well, they were able to handle 32 inches of rain per hour in a simulated laboratory test environment. If that sounds like a lot, that’s because it is. That’s over three times more than the heaviest rainfall ever recorded by the U.S. Weather Bureau. Barring a literal flood unlike any other seen in history, LeafGuard gutters will handle every storm Mother Nature throws your way, protecting your house and your family in the process.

“I heard aluminum is a bad option for gutters.”

Aluminum presents many advantages, hence it is the most popular material for seamless gutter systems. It is lightweight, strong and impervious to rust. Our gutters use .032 gauge aluminum, which is 20% thicker than the average, conventional gutter. This makes them even sturdier, and able to withstand downpours of rain.

“Traditional gutters without those fancy guards are just fine.”

Generally, it is advisable to install gutter guards to prevent leaves and other detritus from clogging up the system and reducing its effectiveness. However, these guards don’t always work, or keep all leaves out of them. As our name suggests, LeafGuard’s patented design guarantees to keep all leaves out of your gutters, including pine needles.

“Gutters require a ton of maintenance.”

Sectional rain gutters tend to require quite a lot of maintenance, and they typically need to be thoroughly cleaned after the fall or after heavy rain and wind. However, seamless gutter systems with guards, like ours, require no cleaning and maintenance. And if they do ever clog, we’ll come to your house and clean them at no cost!

“Seamless gutters are too expensive.”

While it is true that seamless gutter systems are more expensive than sectional designs, the return on investment is usually much higher, due to the reduced maintenance needs and the increased effectiveness. Plus, with our referral program, your gutter system could be completely paid for after 5 friends or family members purchase their gutter system and mentioning your name. Imagine never having to climb on a dangerous latter again just to make your gutters work, and not having to pay a cent out of pocket.