Choosing The Right Gutter Style for Your Home

rain gutter style

Just like anything else that’s designed to protect your home from the elements, rain gutters are extremely important and should be chosen carefully and maintained responsibly. To maximize the value and curb appeal of your property, you’ll also want to choose a gutter style that complements your home, especially if it’s a period property. Following […]

Painting Your Home For Better Curb Appeal

painting home

Curb appeal not only makes you happy when you pull into your driveway, it also helps to earn higher prices should you wish to sell your home one day. Painting a home can be the equivalent to having a “facelift” that will freshen its appearance. If you decide to undertake the task of painting your […]

Reasons to Upgrade Your Rain Gutters

rain gutter upgrade

Not all rain gutters are created equal, and like all parts of your home require upgrading periodically to ensure they are working their best to protect your home. LeafGuard of Indiana offers a unique one-piece seamless gutter system, which protects the roof and is designed to keep debris out while sending water away from your […]

Benefits of Rain Chains

rain chain

Rain chains are an alternative to the traditional downspouts that guide water from gutters safely away from a building. They are originally from Japan, where they are known as kusari-toi and have been used for centuries, particularly for adorning temples and other cultural buildings. They come in various forms, most often as either a series […]

Advantages of Maintaining Your Rain Gutters

rain gutter maintenance

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” – this saying is very true when it comes to home maintenance, particularly for maintenance of your rain gutters. The following are some advantages of maintaining your rain gutters. Makes Your Home More Aesthetically Pleasing One of the greatest benefits to clean gutters is the […]

How to Prepare for Wet Weather

wet weather

If you can’t enjoy the sounds of rain because you’re too busy being worried the water will harm your home, it’s time to take an offensive position instead of a defensive one for your home. When heavy rains start to pour, there are ways you can prepare for the wet weather and gain peace of […]

How to Install a Rain Barrel

rain barrel

A rain barrel is a vital component of any gutter system, particularly when there’s no drain in the ground to collect water. For added convenience, they also feature a tap to provide easy access to the water for irrigation. Installing a rain barrel is usually a straightforward job that you can easily do yourself. The […]

Why Rain Lovers Are Happier People

rain lovers

People who love rain are known as pluviophiles. According to, a pluviophile is “a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.” While some people dread the rain that may keep the indoors (or mess up their hairdo), pluviophiles know how to appreciate the rain, which can be […]

Plants That Keep Mosquitoes Away


Ah, mosquitoes: bane of summer evenings. The winged, whining horde. The ubiquitous bloodsuckers. Whether for fear of diseases such as West Nile or Zika virus or simply because of their infuriatingly itchy bites (set off by the mosquito’s saliva, incidentally), many homeowners want to take the matter into their own hands. Sure, you can try […]

Reasons to Love Rain

reasons to love rain

A quote from an unknown author says “Celebrate the rain; It only means that the sun shall shine bigger and brighter than ever.” The next time rain is in the forecast, it’s time to celebrate the rain instead of looking at the day as a lost one. Getting More Work Done at the Office The […]