What is the most effective way to protect against rain gutter failure?

rain gutter failure

Gutters aren’t something that you think about every day, but when they get clogged, they can cause serious headaches. Taking action now can help you to prevent clogged gutters and the damage they can cause in the future.

Why Do Gutters Clog?

An important part of any home’s exterior, gutters direct water from the roof to the ground following rain and melting after a snowstorm. In order to allow water to run off, ordinary gutters have open tops.

Unfortunately, conventional gutters allow more in than just the water from the roof. During the autumn season, leaves find their way into the gutters. Pine needles from evergreen trees can fall in and the wind can carry litter and other types of debris upwards into the gutter system.

A single leaf or a handful of pine needles is unlikely to cause a problem, but when the debris in the gutter accumulates, it can end up partially or completely restricting the water flow or causing a clog. If you live in a heavily wooded area, you’re more likely to end up with clogged gutters, but the problem can happen anywhere, even in places where there are few to no trees.

Why Worry About Clogs?

If you’ve never had clogged gutters before, you’re lucky, and you likely don’t know why you need to worry about the problem in the first place. The truth is that clogged gutters can cause serious problems and even end up damaging your home. Clogs prevent water from flowing through, which can lead to backups along the roofline or water to build up around the foundation of your home, leading to structural problems, costly damage to landscape, mold and mildew growth and more.

How to Prevent Clogged Gutters

While the problems caused by clogged gutters can be serious, preventing the problem isn’t difficult. LeafGuard solves the problems of gutter clogs for good and will spare you from ever having to get up on the ladder to try and remove debris from your gutters again.

LeafGuard is a simple one-piece gutter system with no seams to cause leaks. A protective overhang covers the gutter. Water can move freely through the gutters but leaves, dirt, pine needles and other types of debris can’t get inside. Our gutter system is so reliable that if you ever end up with a clog, we’ll come out and clean them for you free of charge.

Much easier to install than other types of clog-free gutters, LeafGuard does not need to be screwed or nailed to your roof. Instead, the system is held in place with corrosion-free internal hangers. As a result, installing it will not void the warranty on your roof or pose any risks for leaks. Aluminum construction makes the gutters 20 percent heavier than others on the market for added strength and durability.

To learn more about LeafGuard of Indiana and how we can help you stay clog-free for good, contact us today. We’ll be glad to give you a free estimate and answer all of your questions about LeafGuard.