Five Facts You Didn’t Know About Gutters

We all know rain gutters help protect your home from the elements by guiding water away from the building and into a drain. And you might know that proper gutter installation and maintenance are essential for keeping your property safe and preventing costly repairs later on. But here are five facts you might not have known about gutters:

1. They’re Not a New Invention

Before modern gutter systems became commonplace, buildings were often protected by things like gargoyles, which would help to direct rain away from roofs and walls. But rain gutters resembling modern systems started becoming commonplace in the late nineteenth century. These early systems were usually made from wood, but today the best systems are made from a single piece of aluminum.

2. Cleaning Gutters Can Be Dangerous

Getting up on a ladder and cleaning out your rain gutters is very risky unless you know exactly what you are doing. Studies report of more than 28,000 people being hospitalized each year due to latter-related accidents. Don’t become a statistic, and have a clog-free gutter system installed.

3. They Can Become a Haven for Mosquitos

Clogged gutters or improperly installed troughs can lead to buildups of debris and standing water. Mosquitos absolutely love this kind of environment and certain conditions, making your home a very uncomfortable place to live. Many other creepy-crawlies, such as earthworms, will make their homes in poorly maintained gutter systems as well. Gutters should always be clean to be able to work optimally.

4. Most Modern Systems Are Seamless

A basic traditional gutter system consists of multiple sections such as troughs, downspouts, guards, corner pieces and other components. These parts are joined together, typically using a type of glue or by welding. However, such systems are also prone to developing cracks and leaks. As a result, around three quarters of homes in the U.S. now use seamless aluminum gutter systems consisting of fewer individual components.

5. Gutters Need Professional Installation

Many people think because they’re comfortable enough on a ladder and they have some basic DIY skills, they should be able to do repairs on broken gutter systems. But that isn’t the case, especially with newer seamless gutter systems. Premium gutters are tailor-made on site for your home, and they need to be installed or repaired by a team of professionals. Professional installation will ensure the job is done properly with minimal risk of leaks and cracks.