Gutter Cleaning Tools

gutter cleaning tools

Cleaning out gutters isn’t anybody’s idea of a good time–at least not anybody we know–but it’s an essential chore if you have the standard K-style or half-round kind. From leaves and twigs to squirrel-deposited acorns and asphalt scraps, debris buildup inside gutters impedes water drainage and can cause leaks and overflows. A clogged-up gutter isn’t much better than no gutter at all.

A variety of tools exist to make the task of gutter cleaning a little easier. If you’re willing to haul out the ladder and climb up to the level of the eaves, you can use a plastic scoop to dredge out debris. It’s a modest improvement over simply using heavy-duty work or garden gloves and lifting the stuff out by hand, although you’ll probably need to do some of that to completely de-clutter the gutter this way.

A hand rake may similarly come in handy (pardon the pun) for dislodging the dampest or most matted-down leaf litter.

Cleaning Gutters From the Ground

Many homeowners, however, would prefer not clambering up a ladder to do routine gutter maintenance, both from a convenience and safety standpoint. What sorts of cleaning tools work from ground level?

A few different companies manufacture gutter-cleaning tongs attached to an extendable pole and with an angled, adjustable head for more efficient access. Such tongs may be awkward to use in certain gutter configurations or when you’re trying to dislodge heavy, wet debris; furthermore, they won’t do anything about standing water in the gutters.

Another option is to fit a special gutter-cleaning spray nozzle attachment to a garden hose and blast the gutters clear.

You’ll also find attachments for turning your wet/dry vac or your leaf blower into a gutter-cleaning machine. These kits typically include a couple of extender wands, an angled section for accessing the gutter, and a gutter nozzle.

Finally, if you want to go all space-age in your home maintenance, there’s iRobot’s Looj 330: literally a self-propelled gutter-cleaning robot. This little bugger comes equipped with an auger for drilling through clogs and flinging away debris as well as a scraper and sweepers for additional scouring. A remote control allows you to direct the robot, which has both forward and reverse gears, in either automated or manual modes. iRobot claims the Looj 330 can clear out a 30-foot reach of gutter in five minutes.

Or Use LeafGuard: No Cleaning Required

From blower wands to robots, you’ve got a range of choices for gutter-cleaning equipment on the market. But wouldn’t you rather simply not have to clean your gutters in the first place? That’s the joy of the single-piece, seamless LeafGuard gutter system, which sports a hooded design that doesn’t allow debris to accumulate while efficiently channeling runoff inside.

A life without cleaning the gutters ever again–and without monkeying with everything from blower wands to robots to do so? That sounds like a pretty good deal. Get in touch with LeafGuard of Indiana and make that dream a reality for yourself!