What Makes Normal Gutters Clog

While your gutters are needed to help safely drain water away from your home they can still accumulate debris that causes harm. People are often surprised at just what can clog their gutters (the answer is more than leaves).


It’s true that leaves are often the number one culprit of gutter clogs. While visible leaves and sticks are an annoyance, wet leaves are harder to remove. Gutters clogged with leaves are a dangerous proposition for a home. The leaves can harbor mold, bugs, and even birds. The gutters can also cause water to flow into the roof’s structure and even potentially damage the house’s foundation.


You don’t have to have nearby trees to have clogged gutters. Ice and snow can also result in clogs. When snow slides onto the gutters after it has slightly thawed on the roof, it can re-freeze. Snow can be very heavy – this can add up and cause the gutters to collapse and/or fall down. Even worse, the snow can seep toward the house, slowly damaging the walls without you ever knowing it.

Poorly Installed Gutters

If gutters aren’t properly installed, then almost anything can cause them to clog. Examples include gutters that do not meet well, that don’t have proper entry and exit points, or gutters that have become warped or loose. While you may attribute clogging to leaves or debris, the actual cause of a clogged gutter could be the installation itself.

If Your Gutters Are Clogged…

Regardless of the cause, it’s important to have your gutters cleaned and maintained regularly to prevent further costly damage. How regularly you should clean your gutters depends on your home. You should have your gutters cleaned before the fall and after fall when gutters tend to be the most clogged. If your gutters are getting old (older than five years) or you frequently have problems with clogging, you may need to have your gutters cleaned more frequently.

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