Three New Year’s Resolutions for Home Owners

Home Improvement ProjectsNow that 2016 has arrived, it’s time to bring your home in to the future. After all, weren’t we supposed to have flying cars by now? Even though it looks like those are a bust (for now), there are still other (smaller) home improvements that can bring your house into the 21st Century. Best of all, some of these renovations can pay for themselves over the long run. Maybe you’ll prefer to do some of these jobs once the weather heats up, but either way, there’s no better time to start saving up and budgeting. So, here are three ideas to bring your home into the future:

1.  New Gutters

New gutters are a worthwhile investment, especially if you’ve noticed your gutters having trouble handling the snow this winter. Gutters can be installed any time, and new seamless gutters (like ours) mean you won’t have to climb up on a latter anymore to unclog them. Best of all, new gutters look way better than your old busted gutter system, and will give your home a nice new appearance.

2.  Smart Home

There aren’t many processes you can’t automate in your home now. From smart thermostats and smoke alarms, to keyless entry systems, home automation is not only cool, but having your home work for you saves you money in the long run. Studies have shown smart thermostats can save homeowners between 10-15% each month on their heating and cooling bill, which, on average, makes the unit pay for itself within two years. And keyless entry systems and smoke alarms can make your home safer for your family.

3.  Decluttering Your Home

Although time-consuming, this year is the year you should resolve to declutter your home. Every year, most homeowners inevitably acquire a mountain of things that they really don’t need to hold onto. It makes even more sense to start clearing out your home now when you’re stuck inside, and focusing on improvements to the outside of your home when the weather warms up. Best of all, you can earn a few extra bucks in the process by knowing what you want to get rid of, and holding a garage sale soon.


Home improvements are often worthwhile investments, but always carry an upfront cost. So the new year presents a great time to start saving up some money. Make your old home feel brand new with some of these simple changes, and let us know of any changes you’ve decided to make in the comments.