Painting Your Home For Better Curb Appeal

painting home

Curb appeal not only makes you happy when you pull into your driveway, it also helps to earn higher prices should you wish to sell your home one day. Painting a home can be the equivalent to having a “facelift” that will freshen its appearance. If you decide to undertake the task of painting your home, there are several considerations to make to ensure you choose a look that is cohesive and beautiful.

Choosing a Paint Color

While it can be tempting to go ga-ga for a wild paint color, conventional wisdom says to keep your home’s color in a similar palette to surrounding homes in your neighborhood. Otherwise, an appraiser could value your home for less instead of more. Sometimes the best option is to freshen the paint at a color that is close to what you have now, but perhaps a few shades lighter or darker. A good place to start is to scrape off an area of paint at your home and take it to your local paint or home improvement store for color-matching. You can then go about choosing shades that may be in a similar “family” of colors.

Consider the Overall Picture

The paint is just one part of your overall house’s appearance. For example, your roof, shutters, trim, and even your gutters are all a part of the visual picture. It’s important that this picture is pulled together well. If you have recently replaced or repaired your roof, your paint color must complement this. Other aspects may be able to change more easily. Examples could include the color of the shutters or even the gutter color. If either are dingy, dirty, or simply may not match with your color scheme, these can be altered along with the paint color.

Keeping It Clean

If you aren’t sure about painting your home just yet, there are still ways to refresh your home and enhance the price of your home by anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000, according to Washing your home, windows, and walkways. From using a scrubbing brush to renting a power washer for a day, cleaning your home’s exterior can enhance its curb appeal. It may also start you on the pathway to thinking about a future painting project now that you have a clean canvas.

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