How to Prevent Household Injuries

Preventing Household InjuriesThousands of injuries occur every year during everyday activities that most of us don’t even consider to be particularly hazardous. While children and seniors are even more susceptible, no one is immune from common dangers such as falls or burns. To minimize the risk of an injury, it is important to get into the right habits and be aware of the potential dangers around you, particularly if you are living with children or elderly relatives.

General Safety at Home

While common sense goes a long way to keeping you and your family safe in the home, it’s also important to get out of any bad habits you might have developed and familiarize yourself with modern safety standards. Some of the most effective ways to reduce household injuries include the following:

• Make sure all potentially hazardous areas, such as staircases and basements are adequately lit. It’s also a good idea to install automatic lighting in such places, particularly in exterior areas, since it also serves as a deterrent to potential thieves.
• Label all dangerous products and keep them in a safe place, particularly if you have children in the household. Many everyday items, including household cleaning products and medicines, can be extremely hazardous in the wrong hands.
• Never cover the surfaces of convector heaters, since doing so will almost invariably cause a fire if they are left unattended. Make sure you take every step necessary to properly control the circulation of heating and air conditioning around your home.
• Keep sources of water away from any electrical fittings, such as light switches or power outlets. If you have children in your home, you should also cover up any power outlets using small plastic covers. You should find these safety accessories in most hardware stores.
• Know your limits when it comes to DIY. While many homeowners like to do as much maintenance and repair work themselves as possible for the sake of saving money, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with the risks involved. As always, if in doubt, you should call a professional tradesman.

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