Why Rain Lovers Are Happier People

rain lovers

People who love rain are known as pluviophiles. According to Dictionary.com, a pluviophile is “a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.” While some people dread the rain that may keep the indoors (or mess up their hairdo), pluviophiles know how to appreciate the rain, which can be one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Whether you are a pluviophile or person who can appreciate the value of a rainy day, here are some reasons why rain lovers are happier people overall.

Reason 1: They Appreciate Nature’s Beauty

Songs, works of art, and novels have all been inspired by the sights and sounds that accompany rain. From Gene Kelly “Singing in the Rain” to songs like “Have You Ever Seen the Rain,” “November Rain,” or “Who’lll Stop the Rain?” While some may see rain as dreary, others see rain as a serene and calming force of nature. Rain nourishes the grass and provides water to streams and rivers. Without the water from rain, people could not survive. Rain lovers are happier people because they appreciate the value of rain in nature and in life.

Reason 2: They Can Roll With the Punches

The saying goes “A little rain never hurt anybody.” However, some people get their feathers ruffled by rain. They may even refuse to go out in it. A person who loves rain will never let it stand in their way of a good time. They know how to make the best of rain at an outdoor event or easily find other activities to do when rain may keep them indoors for the day. While others may stress about weather and how rain may affect their plans, a person who loves rain knows they can make the best of a situation no matter what kind of weather arises.

Reason 3: They’re Often Peaceful and Serene

There’s a reason why sound manufacturers and creators of music use rain as a backdrop to help people relax and sleep: the rain is a soothing, peaceful sound. People who love rain are able to calm down through the chaos of a stressful and difficult day. They are able to see the value in staying in and reading a book, playing a game, or simply doing nothing at all. If you love the rain, but not what it can do to your home, it’s time to call the gutter professionals at Leaf Guard of Indiana. For more information on protecting your home from rain, please call (317) 399-5613.