Reasons to Love Rain

A quote from an unknown author says “Celebrate the rain; It only means that the sun shall shine
bigger and brighter than ever.” The next time rain is in the forecast, it’s time to celebrate the rain
instead of looking at the day as a lost one.

Getting More Work Done at the Office

The rain can be the perfect backdrop to stay in and get a lot of work done at the office. The sounds of rain can prove a soothing music to stay in and work efficiently. According to a study from Harvard Business School, employees produce more work and accomplish tasks in a shorter amount of time on a rainy day. The researchers concluded that rain is less of a distraction than a sunny day can be. In addition to reducing stress by getting more done, spending a little time indoors at the office when it rains will give you more time when the sunshine comes in after.

Staying in With a Good Book

Author Mason Cooley said “Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.” Even if rainy weather changes your outdoor plans for the day, the weather does present a good opportunity to stay inside with a book. Whether autobiography, science fiction, or classic novel, there are so many adventures out there to enjoy via the comforts of home and a good book.

Avoiding the Crowds

Since rain can deter some from going outside, it presents opportunities for those who aren’t afraid of a little water to enjoy fewer crowds. The best time to see theme parks and national parks are when it’s drizzling, which also helps to cool the environment as well.

Crime Rates Drop

According to data from some of America’s largest cities, such as New York City and Los Angeles, crime rates drop when it rains, sometimes as much as 25 percent. While the rain is no reason to let your guard down, it’s good to know these rates tend to decrease when it rains. When it rains, the best protection to have is a good rain jacket and a seamless gutter system from
LeafGuard of Indiana. You can enjoy the many benefits of a rainy day with the peace of mind knowing that your home is protected from water damage. For more information, call the gutter professionals at Leaf Guard of Indiana at (317) 399-5613.