Reasons to Upgrade Your Rain Gutters

rain gutter upgrade

Not all rain gutters are created equal, and like all parts of your home require upgrading periodically to ensure they are working their best to protect your home. LeafGuard of Indiana offers a unique one-piece seamless gutter system, which protects the roof and is designed to keep debris out while sending water away from your home. However, if you have gutters that do not have this unique system, there may be several reasons it’s time to upgrade your rain gutters.

Reason 1: Prevent Interior Flooding

Your rain gutters exist to divert water from your roof away from your home. If the gutters are not working properly, the water can then go to the foundation and seep into your basement. If your basement floods, this can damage key portions of your home, such as your water heater and/or heating and cooling unit. The results can be costly repairs.

Reason 2: Prevent Rotting

When installed properly, rain gutters also protect a home’s fascia. The fascia is responsible to creating an attractive appearance along the edge of the roof. They also protect the home from burrowing rodents that otherwise try to get between the wall and roof. However, clogged gutters not only cause excess water to pool and flow downward, they also cause water to back up, moving onto the home’s fascia. The result is rot that affects your home’s appearance as well as contribute to the likelihood that vermin could get into your home.

Reaching a home’s fascia and replacing it can be a difficult and costly undertaking. If your rain gutters are not working properly, installed well, or have not been upgraded in some time, it’s time for an upgrade.

Reason 3: Avoid Bowing Driveways

In addition to causing water to flow toward your home, old or aging gutters can cause large amounts of water to build up on the concrete of your driveway. As a result, concrete can crack and bow, damaging the driveway as well.

Reason 4: Enhanced Pest Control

Gutters not only collect dirt and debris, the standing water and places to nest can attract many unwanted organisms. Examples include mosquitoes, birds, and termites. By upgrading your gutters to a non-clogging system that properly diverts water away from your home, you are less likely to have these unwanted pests as additional house guests.

Is it time for a gutter upgrade? For more information on how you can protect your home and enhance its appearance through gutter installation, call LeafGuard of Indiana at (317) 399-5613.