The Importance of Gutters

importance of gutters

Unwanted water can be highly damaging to a home’s structure, resulting in big expenses. Fortunately, there is a solution that can reduce the likelihood rain will be anything more than a pleasant sound outside your home: gutters.

Gutters are protective devices designed to collect water that comes off your roof, directing it away from your home and its foundation. There are many reasons a home needs gutters, and also regular gutter cleanings to ensure leaves and other debris do not build up in the gutters. You can also purchase gutters from LeafGuard Indiana that are guaranteed not to clog with leaves and debris.

The following are some key reasons why it’s important to always have gutters protecting your home.

Avoiding Foundation Problems

Without protective gutters to deflect falling rain from your roof, the water can move toward the foundation of your home. The result is wet ground that can attract mold and mildew to your home. These can dramatically damage a home, creating structural issues that weaken the foundation. “Symptoms” associated with rain-related foundation problems include cracking of walls. The buildup of mold can also be a personal health hazard as breathing in the mold can result in respiratory infections and illness for a family.

Preventing Flooding

Rain water doesn’t always just impact the foundation of your home. It can also leak into the basement, resulting in flooding. According to the National Flood Insurance Program, basement flooding results in as much as $3 billion in home insurance claims every year. The average cost to repair a “minor” flood to a basement is about $10,000. However, significant flood damage from a large rain can cause anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 in damage. Having a good waterproofing strategy, which includes gutters and basement sealant, can help prevent this from ever happening.

Preventing Water Damage to Siding

Excess water can also damage the siding of a home. The moisture can promote mold and mildew growth. If water gets underneath the protective wrap of the siding, it may be difficult to tell if the moisture has impacted the siding until it has caused significant damage.

Preventing Cracking to Sidewalks and/or Driveways

Excess rain can pour in torrents off a roof and damage anything in its path, from landscaping to sidewalks and driveways, resulting in cracking and instability. Through gutters, the rain has a controlled pathway to exit the home, minimizing any potential damage.

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