Upgrades and Projects for Your Downspout

rain gutter downspout

Your rain gutter system has a big job to do, diverting water off your roof and down the waterspout. While that’s essentially the end of the story, you might want to have a little fun with your downspout. Below are a few upgrades and projects for the end of your downspout.

Downspout Yard Art

Imagine the water flowing down your downspout and hitting a waterwheel or flowing over a series of concrete lily pads. You could even hang metal artwork from the opening above, letting the water flow down the artwork rather than through a solid drainpipe. The possibilities extend well beyond the retail options at your local garden store. For example, Art of Rain makes a custom treble clef downspout that actually plays music when the water flows through it.

Downspout Gardens

Have you ever noticed that your grass is healthier and more robust around the base of your downspout? Take advantage of free water from the heavens by planting a downspout garden in the water catchment area. Wild Seed Project has directions for planting a downspout garden. In addition to planting plants around the downspout, consider using river rocks to create a simulated riverbed flowing out of the mouth of the waterspout.

Downspout Rainwater Collection Systems

Speaking of free water from above, consider installing a rain barrel or two. According to the State of Indiana‘s website, you can use rain barrel water for composting and watering your garden and lawn. Since the rain barrel water is untreated, it is ideal for your plants. You’ll save money on your water bill as well as divert water that would otherwise contribute to runoff. Adding a rain barrel to your rain gutter system is a straightforward DIY project. However, you may need to cut your downspout to the appropriate size as rain barrels generally sit higher than ground level. You’ll also want to place a screen grate on top of the opening to keep leaves, debris, and insects out of your collected water.

To ensure a healthy flow of water and the best rain gutter protection for your home, it’s worth looking into one of our clog-free gutters, a seamless rain gutter system guaranteed not to clog — ever.