Ways to Spruce Up Your Garden With Rain Gutters

rain gutter garden

Upcycling is nothing new, but the current craze is unmistakable. Whether you prefer to reuse something or buy new and DIY to your heart’s content, gardening is a great place to exert all that creative energy. Let your imagination wander as you think of beautiful ways to spruce up your garden with rain gutters. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Build a Vertical Garden

Choose three or more rain gutters to become a compact and convenient gardening space. You can grow herbs, lettuces, flowers, and plenty of other things, all using the same footprint. First decide where you will attach the gutters–to a wall, a fence, or some other framework that you currently have or plan to make.

Allow optimal growing space, leaving room above and below each gutter. Be sure to attach the gutter end caps to keep the dirt from spilling out and use gutter braces or other sturdy supplies to keep your gutters anchored to their new home.

You can also simply attach a rain gutter to the side of your home. Drill a few holes for drainage and fill with your favorite potting medium or soil. And now for the fun part, choose beautiful flowers to fill your new wall planter. Give special consideration to those whose blooms or foliage will cascade downward, creating a lovely display of color along your wall.

Create Over-the-Railing Gutter Garden and Deck Planters

For an attractive aesthetic and efficient growing space, consider over-the-railing gardens using rain gutters cut to fit. Simply use over-the-rail hooks to support your gutter garden boxes, fill with soil, add plants, and enjoy. You can also enhance the look and feel of your deck by adding gutters to both sides of the railing, running the whole stretch for the greatest visual impact.

Enhance with Rain Gutter Fence Décor

No matter what kind of fence you have, you can spruce it up with a creative rain gutter garden. Paint the gutters if you wish or choose showy blossoms that will attract the eye from afar. Attach gutters near the top of a wooden fence for colorful appeal and extra growing space around different parts of your yard.


  • If you are growing edibles, consider lining your gutters with #4 Low Density
    Polyethylene (LDPE) (common to disposable trash bags).
  • Don’t forget the drain holes, especially if you line the gutters with plastic.
  • Consider painting your gutters to add a pop of personality.
  • For plants that like to hang a bit, such as strawberries, consider an elevated rain
    gutter where you can harvest the berries from overhead.
  • Think of other creative ways to use rain gutters for gardening, like a hanging
    garden or homemade window boxes.