Why Seamless Gutters Will Change Your Life

Everyone knows rain gutters help protect your home from the elements by guiding water away from the foundation, and into a drain or rainwater barrel. Traditional gutter systems are assembled by combining multiple troughs, downspouts and other components, leaving seams in the installation. These seams are prone to leaks, potentially compromising the whole system. With seamless gutter systems, each straight section is installed as a single component which brings some big advantages:

Minimal Leaks

Seamless gutters only have joints and fasteners where they go around corners or connect to downspouts. The more streamlined construction method reduces the chances of leaks developing, resulting in more protection for your home.

Less Cleaning and Maintenance

The seams in traditional rain gutter systems often attract a buildup of debris, such as leaves and twigs. As a result, they need to be cleared on a regular basis, particularly after bad weather or during the autumn, when falling leaves can quickly block the troughs. By contrast, our patented seamless gutters will never require any cleaning. And if, for some reason, the system ever does clog, we’ll come to your home and clean them for free.

Customized to Your Needs

Premium rain gutter systems serve to provide extra protection for your property for the long term. Since the sixties, seamless gutters have been a popular alternative to the cheaper traditional installations and, as a result, they are now available in many different varieties. The most common material used is aluminum, due to its high strength and cost-effectiveness, although copper and steel are also available. Additionally, seamless gutter systems are available in many different colors, allowing you to find something that perfectly suits your property.

Seamless gutters might cost significantly more than the relatively basic traditional systems, but the return on investment will pay off over time due to the reduced risk of damage to your property and the minimal maintenance they require. They also tend to look better than sectional installations, and they are made to measure specifically for your property. Seamless gutter systems should only be installed by a professional, but here at LeafGuard of Indiana, we provide free estimates, financing and patented designs that are guaranteed to last the course.